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Sports Injuries

Our Approach to Sports Injuries

At BRH Physios we aim to provide exceptional diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports injuries from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior, making a top-class service accessible to athletes of any ability. 
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A detailed Biomechanical & Movement Assessment is used to determine the source of your injury. We need to determine why you are getting injured during training.

Localised treatment to the affected area, without looking at the athlete as a whole, can only result in disappointing long-term results.

Correction of Biomechanical imbalances not only reduces injury, but also can significantly improve your sports performance.

Top athletes use our individualised biomechanical approach to:

Many of our Physiotherapists have international experience assessing & treating professional sportsmen in both individual & team events.

Enjoy the benefits of a service that has worked for athlete’s & sportsmen from various National Teams and International events such as the Commonwealth Games & Olympics.

Whether you are a school going student who aspires to make a school team, or to not fall back during a class jog, or a professional aiming to reach peak condition in time for your next match, our leading sports physiotherapists can work with you to reach your goals.

Our Step by Step Approach


We take great pride in delivering the most recent evidence-based rehabilitation in treating all sports injuries.

We can perform a running analysis on a treadmill to assess for abnormalities in your running or walking pattern & relate that to your injuries. We have also had research published within international medical journals pertaining to the assessment of movement dysfunctions in relation to injuries & pain. 

When assessing and carrying out rehabilitation we use the most up to date research together with the most modern technology to get the best results.

Prescriptive exercises will be given to you during each session. These exercises will then be e-mailed to, using the GrooviMovements Physio Software Exercise program, so that you can easily follow how to perform and progress each exercise.