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(Work Rehabilitation Assistance Program)

Work Rehabilitation Assistance Program

BRH Physios is an approved partner for Workabilty (WRAP) programs.

WRAP is an active rehabilitation program for patients who have sustained an injury at work, with the aim of getting them back to work and life in the shortest time possible.

By partnering with this  market-leading health care company (that has pioneered multidisciplinary rehabilitation in South Africa), we focus on goal setting and measured outcomes to help the patient and employer achieve the best possible results.

We also have an association with a great team of Occupational Therapists, when needed, to accomplish this. (tag Megan Hales Occupational Therapy here?)

The program is registered with COID, FEMA, RMA & SAPS funders. 

If you, or your employee has a work-related injury that requires rehabilitation then act early and ask your Doctor to refer you/them to the program. 

About Workability

Workability is a market-leading health care company that has pioneered multidisciplinary rehabilitation in South Africa. Workability uses innovative technology and evidence-based clinical protocols to streamline the process of getting injured patients back to work and life, thereby directly reducing the cost to all stakeholders of absenteeism, injury and disability.

For more informaton kindly visit the Workability website.