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About Us


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We've come a long way
since 1989....

Tanya Bell-Jenje and Suzanne Rogers established their first Sports & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy practice, Bell & Rogers, in 1989 in Melville, Johannesburg. Almost a quarter of a century later, with years of focused treatment, lecturing and global service behind them, the practice has been transformed into BRH Physiotherapy. 

BRH Physiotherapy is operating from Wilgeheuwel Hospital and our multi-disciplinary practice, Off Nicol Health, Wellness and Rehab, in Bryanston. The original Melville practice was sold in May 2016

BRH Physiotherapists is one of South Africa’s best-known & respected practices.

Established in 1989, we are proud to have a strong team of highly qualified Clinicians with International Sports as well as Lecturing experience, employing the top-performing Physio’s across the country.

At BRH physios, we take pride in staying abreast of best evidence-based research and developing the next generation of world class Physiotherapists.

As a patient of BRH Physios you will receive the best treatment informed by leading research. 

Together we will find the solution by guiding you to understand & manage your condition, reduce your pain, restore movement & return you to Life.

Our Approach

Often the source of the problem is in a different area to the site of pain. Finding the source means fewer treatments, less recurrence, and better outcomes.

What to Expect When You Visit Us

The initial assessment & treatment is of 1-hour duration. A detailed interview is followed by testing that is specific to your condition, allowing us to make an informed clinical diagnosis.

A detailed feedback session during this visit is used to educate you about your condition and how best to manage it. We employ a ‘partnership’ approach, discussing our proposed management with you, assisting you to self-manage & empowering you to take back control.

We use several techniques in treating spinal pain such as joint mobilisation, dry needling, various soft tissue techniques to mobilise tight fascia, exercise prescription and Pilates.

Prescriptive exercises will be given to you during each session. These exercises will then be e-mailed to, using the Groovi Physio Software Exercise program, so that you can easily follow how to perform each exercise, as well as how often.

Your highly qualified Physio will, respecting your specific needs & presentation, determine your best course of treatment. We pride ourselves in assisting you to get better, with fewer treatments. 

Throughout your treatment and rehabilitation, you will continuously be kept up to date on your progress as well as educated on how best to manage each new phase of your recovery process.

Our aim is to return you to pre-injury condition, back to the specific activities or functions that you like or need to do.

Our Global Expertise

Over the years, we have built relationships across the sporting and medical sectors. Our professional team boasts global credentials - including serving as principal physiotherapists for South Africa's national sports teams at some of the most prestigious sporting and endurance events in the world.

These events include:

In addition, Tanya’s Going Global lecture series forms part of the curriculum
for professionals in the UK, India, USA, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

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