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Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy, also known as aquatic therapy or hydrotherapy, is a form of physiotherapy that takes place in a warm water environment. It involves using the properties of water to facilitate therapeutic exercises and activities to improve the physical condition and well-being of people with various health conditions or injuries.

Are you battling to get moving after an injury?  Are you afraid to aggravate your pain by exercising again?  Aqua therapy can be the solution as water has some “magic” properties that can make moving much easier!

Bouyancy – reduces the impact of gravity on the body so that means the joints take less stress
Resistance – water is 1,000 times denser than air and provides up to 12 times the resistance you would get from working out on land.
Hydrostatic Pressure – the pressure exerted by water on the body can help reduce swelling and improve circulation.
Warmth – the  pool water is usually kept at 32 -34°C, which helps relax muscles and improve flexibility.
Who can benefit from Aqua Therapy?
  • If you’re recovering from spine, hip, knee, shoulder or foot surgery the water is a great place to start moving normally again. As soon as your wounds have healed and your condition allows we can get you exercising with the support of the water.
  • Chronic pain sufferers, including those with arthritis and fibromyalgia, have reported huge benefits from light exercises in warm water.
  • People with Disabilities find the freedom that the water gives a welcome change from the challenges of moving on land. The warm water helps to reduce spasticity and facilitates freer movements.
  • Athletes, who are injured and unable to train with full forces through their joints, e.g. runners with stress fractures, can maintain their fitness and strengthen by exercising in the stress free environment that the pool provides.
Aqua Therapy Group Classes
Join us in the water at our physiotherapist guided classes to get moving and have some FUN with other people who are on a similar recovery journey

Off Nicol Pool

Wilgeheuwel Pool

Mondays 4pm – Shoulder rehab emphasis

Mondays 9am – Back and Body rehab

Tuesdays 4pm – Full Body rehab

Tuesdays 4pm – Back & Body rehab

Wednesdays 7.30am –Shoulder rehab emphasis

Thursdays 4pm – Back & Body rehab

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“These individual aqua sessions are proving extremely beneficial. The exercises are structured very carefully, to gradually build up more confidence, strength & mobility in the water, a medium which provides so much extra support for my back problem. ”
Dr Caroline Faulkner

NO! Your physiotherapist will be with you in the water and ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable.  We also use floats to ensure your safety if and when needed.

NO!  It is therapeutic exercise with specific goals just like on land. Every patient is assessed thoroughly prior to starting their therapy.  It may form one part of a rehab programme, together with manual techniques and land exercises or be the primary form of treatment.

We take great pride in delivering the most recent evidence-based rehabilitation in treating all sports injuries, using the latest scientific and biomechanical research together with the most modern technology to get the best results.

Our Step by Step Approach

Prescriptive exercises will be provided during each session and then emailed to you afterwards using the GrooviMovements Physio Software Exercise program, allowing you to easily follow how to perform and progress each exercise.