Meet the team

Meet the team

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Tanya Bell Jenje

BSc Physio (UCT), MSc Physio (Wits)

Founding partner of Bell, Rogers & Harris in 1989 (formerly known as Bell & Harvey), Northern Irish born Tanya takes her heritage seriously and enjoys injecting humour, tradition and warmth into the daily running of what has become one of Johannesburg’s most respected Physiotherapy practices.


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Tanya is a Manual Therapist (OMT), international lecturer and developer of the Groovi Movements Physio Software. She is a founder of Bell Rogers & Harris Physiotherapists and a Director of ‘Off Nicol Health Wellness & Rehab’ in Johannesburg, South Africa. Earlier career and life experience revolved around her position as physiotherapist for the SA Ladies Hockey Team and the South African Cricket Academy where she served as team physio at both the Commonwealth Games and the Sydney Olympics.

Tanya has served as an honorary lecturer at Wits University and has lectured and presented at orthopaedic congresses and physiotherapy workshops throughout South Africa, the Middle East, the United States, Holland, India and the UK. She has authored a number of online courses with an Advanced Professional Development Level 2 rating. 

When asked about the future of physiotherapy, Tanya shares, “I see an exciting move away from surgery as a first-line management in patient care, with a move toward conservative management as the primary care pathway.”

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Suzanne Rogers

BSc Physio (UCT)

Suzanne is the “Rogers” of the dynamic BRH team and is one of those responsible for the smooth running of the ship! She qualified as a physiotherapist at UCT in 1990 and started her journey into rehabilitation working at the Conradie Spinal Injury Unit in Cape Town.

She keeps the ship sailing whilst building on a skill set that began in 1990 at the Conradie Spinal Injury Unit in Cape Town, where she cut her teeth and has continued to evolve her expertise over many years and many patients.

Since graduating from UCT, Suzanne has witnessed advancements in the field of physiotherapy over the past decade. She is excited by the vital role therapists play as part of a multi-disciplinary team and as first-line practitioners.

“Physiotherapists have a privilege in diagnosing and managing conditions that your average general practitioner cannot diagnose within their scope of practice.”

Suzanne feels passionate about the many areas of ongoing specialisation physiotherapy offers — from cardio-pulmonary and neuro-musculoskeletal to sports and education, calling attention to the many therapists who work hand-in-hand with neurologists, neuro-surgeons, orthopedists and other experts within the medical profession.

Lindsay Harris

BSc Physio (Wits), MSc Physio (Wits)

Born in a small town with the “BIG hole”, Kimberley, Lindsay moved to the City of Gold at the age of five and volunteered for boarding school at thirteen. Her parents recognized her ambition and sent her to St. Michael’ s School in Bloemfontein where she excelled in both academics and sports — eventually playing provincial hockey.

A lifelong athlete, Lindsay’s passion for physiotherapy originated while playing netball at primary school. After entertaining the idea of becoming a doctor, Lindsay committed to physiotherapy out of a fascination for the varied and dynamic opportunities it provides.

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“I love seeing patients come in to see me in distress and leave smiling. I also love seeing patients recover from serious injuries and neurological impairments and taking charge of their lives again.”

When she’s not at home, Lindsay enjoys catching up with friends, meeting up for coffee dates, trying out recipes from the Food Network, and making it to the gym where she takes classes in spinning, swimming, and fitness training.

Kaleigh Brien

After completing community service at Helen Joseph hospital in 2017, she joined the BRH team and hit the ground running. Her background as a professional dancer ignited an early obsession with understanding how to recondition the imperfections that limit the body from working in its otherwise perfectly synchronised manner.

Kaleigh is particularly enthusiastic about the way technology is helping to facilitate day-to-day work, but points out how, even with technology’s assistance, a therapist’s training as a skilled, hands-on clinician is a trade that can’t be replaced.

Kayleigh often thinks about getting back on stage to perform for the fun of it. In the meantime, though, she’s spending plenty of time pursuing a newfound culinary interest and diving into all the joys and challenges of raising a new daughter.

“I love making meaningful changes to people’s lives — assisting them to live better and giving them the ability to achieve their goals, however big or small.”

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Ushala Misra

Now as full-time physio, Ushala assists both children and adults on their road to recovery and continues to marvel at the ability of the body, under the right protocols, to function and improve itself in the face of severe injuries and disease.

Ushala was compelled to begin a career in physiotherapy after visiting a children’s home and witnessing how physios helped children with cerebral palsy become more ambulant and filled with joy.

Ushala is eager to see the public’s growing awareness of the role of physiotherapy in advancing patient-specific treatment — and how exercise prescription can identify the root cause of so many problems.

In addition to receiving the Good Fellowship Aware Gold Medal, Usala enjoys sports like netball and is actively involved in charitable, cultural and religious organisations.

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Zukisa Mqikela

Zukisa’s passion for physiotherapy stems from an active sporting career, specifically netball whilst at school. “I have always wanted to be in the health care profession” and when she learnt about physiotherapy, she found it fascinating and dynamic and has not looked back since. She graduated from the University of Cape Town and has been practicing for 9 years. 

She describes physiotherapy as constantly evolving and advancing. She notes, “physiotherapists are becoming an important and vital part of a multi-disciplinary team and as first line practitioners, physiotherapists have a privilege in diagnosing and managing conditions”.

Zukisa’s love and passion for physiotherapy extends to her patients and seeing them recover. Her problem solving approach entails looking at the situation from each angle and then take action ensuring that the result is a positive one. She states that paying attention to things that are critical to your own happiness is very important.

“Physiotherapists are becoming an important and vital part of a multi-disciplinary team and as first line practitioners, physiotherapists have a privilege in diagnosing and managing conditions”.

When she is not helping those around her, she enjoys socialising with friends, going to the gym and trying out different food recipes.

Allyson Smith

Allyson Smith was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa where she completed her schooling at Redhill School and University studies.

She graduated with BSc Physiotherapy from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2018, thereafter went on to complete her Community Service year at Port Shepstone Regional Hospital in KwaZulu Natal.

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She has since worked at Sports and Outpatient Practices, following her love for aiding Rehabilitation and promotion of health and wellness. 

With a love for sports and movement, Allyson has participated in many sports and has achieved her second Dan Black belt in Karate. Allyson is a qualified BASI Pilates Instructor and has a passion for Pilates.

She has also completed courses in Dry Needling, Introduction to Sports and Infant Development.
Allyson is a passionate Physiotherapist; dedicated to assisting her clients achieve their highest level of functioning and training.

Natasha Schmidt

Natasha is an energetic young physiotherapist who was drawn to the profession by her passion for a wide variety of sports including the more typical sports such as netball, cycling and ballet as well more unconventional sports such as figure skating.

Through her participation for sport she has developed an appreciation for the time and effort which goes into rehabilitation and the creativity it requires.

Natasha completed her physiotherapy degree at the University of Pretoria in 2019 where after she did her community service in the Sedibeng District Clinics. She has a passion for learning and enjoys developing her knowledge through courses.

Natasha has completed her dry needling course as well as her BASI Pilates instructor’s course. Natasha comes from a big and loud family and therefore, loves to interact with people and be part of their story.

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Tumi Letsoalo

Meet Tumi, the face of and first ambassador of BRH. She is well prepared to welcome and tend to every patients need at the front line and does so with finesse and grace.

Tumi is focused on embracing cultural diversity and adapting to any environment she finds herself in.

She understands that each patient has their own set of challenges and rises to the occasion to meet them where they are. Tumi is a team player, a multi-tasker and will laugh at any joke you throw at her.

She notes how her grandmother is her ultimate role model being a living example of compassion and strength.

Dalene de Koker

For Dalene, punctuality is key. She is the first friendly face you will see when entering our Wilgeheuwel practice.

Preparation is important to her and she believes in getting to work early to set up and prepare for the day ahead. With her strong organizational skills, she aids the smooth running of the Wilgeheuwel practice whilst making patient appointments to ensure that the physiotherapists do not run behind schedule. 


Dalene embraces the diverse range of people she meets on a daily basis and never backs down from any challenge, provided that she has enough coffee!

When she is not at the practice, you will find her outdoors, embracing her love for gardening. 

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