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Biomechanical Assessment

The physios at BRH have extensive experience in assessing your biomechanics. By analysing your movement patterns, we can uncover the root cause of your symptoms and give you an accurate diagnosis. We are then able to provide a progressive pathway of treatment & rehabilitation to return you to optimal function.

Do you suffer from injuries that persist or keep recurring? Are all your injuries on one side? Do your injuries flare after exercise such as Running or Padel? Do you want to improve your sports performance?

Our detailed biomechanical assessment is suitable for the young as well as the older person, from the keen dog walker to the elite athlete.

At BRH Physiotherapy, we find the source of the problem by assessing and analysing how you move; to determine if the way you load during movement is causing injury or progressive ‘wear and tear.’ Often the cause of your injuries can be a distance from the site of your pain.

Some examples include:

In these common examples, localised medical or physiotherapy treatment to the affected area (site of pain), without looking at the individual as a whole (source of the problem), can only result in disappointing long term results.

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  • If your symptoms (eg: pain, stiffness) are caused by movements or activities and ease with rest.
  • If your symptoms keep recurring, especially when you return to activities.
  • If previous healthcare practitioners have only assessed and treated the site of pain and your symptoms have either not resolved, are persisting, or keep recurring.

The 1st session is an hour’s duration. It includes a detailed interview followed by comprehensive movement testing. Subsequent sessions are usually between 30 to 45 minutes each, depending on the complexity of your injury presentation.

We believe that thanks to the detailed quality of our assessments, analysis and skilled treatment strategies, we can help and improve many individuals that have been previously told that their condition is untreatable. Commonly, patients report they have been told to stop all activities such as jogging or recreational pursuits. We encourage patients to continue performing exercise, even if modified and guided by pain and response to exercise over 24 hours.

Correction of Biomechanical faults not only reduces the duration and recurrence of injury but can also significantly improve your sports performance and ability to perform your activities of daily living painlessly.
Let us help you achieve satisfying long-term results, reducing the likelihood of future injury and improving your general sports performance.

Our Step by Step Approach

Prescriptive exercises will be provided during each session and then emailed to you afterwards using the GrooviMovements Physio Software Exercise program, allowing you to easily follow how to perform and progress each exercise.