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We’ve got you COVID Part 3 – Breathing and Movement.

Is your breathing becoming a little easier? Time to incorporate some movement. Remember! Don’t overdo it. Take your time as you rehabilitate.

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COVID recovery and exercise series

Follow the rest of our series on COVID recovery and exercises. This short series is also beneficial to anyone suffering from shortness of breath.

  1. We’ve got you COVID – Diaphragmatic breathing
  2. We’ve got you COVID Part 1: Retrain and strengthen your diaphram
  3. We’ve got you COVID Part 2: Rehabilitation breathing strategy
  4. We’ve got you COVID Part 3: Incorporating some movement
  5. We’ve got you COVID Part 4: Breathing and oxygenating your body
  6. We’ve got you COVID Part 5: Exercises to get your circulation going and muscles moving

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